How does the relation to the environment change in every-day life? Two group discussion were part of the multi-method study "Umweltbewusstsein in Deutschland 2012" (Environmental consciousness in Germany 2012). The field were explored with the help of the first group discussion (see BzS 9). The results of the survey as well as of a media analysis (see BzS13) were evaluated by the second group discussion conducted as focus groups. Thereby dynamics of argumentation types (as identified by the analysis of the first group discussion) could be revealed. Furthermore the argumentation types were related to types of life-stiles. The results hints possibilites for communication strategies of environmental policy which are practice-oriented and relevant for conducting everyday life.

The paper can be downloaded as pdf (in German) for free or be ordered for 9,50 € (incl. shipping). PDF-Download (ca. 756 KB)

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