The Institut für Sozialinnovation (ISInova, Institute for Social Innovation) does research on social innovation and supports relevant initiatives. Social innovations are forms of behavior and processes which are in a distinct way new and different from current routines. They can appear everywhere in society and cause sustainable change.

The Institute for Social Innovation does research in fields such as:

  • politics: environment, sustainability, employment, demographic change, regional development, and engagement;

  • economics: sustainable production and

  • organization: structural change in regard to organizational learning, possibilities of intelligent failure-tolerances, as well as the transformation of disturbances into realization of chances.

Founded in 2000, the institute serves as an institutionalized forum for the research and dissemination of societal meaning of social innovations. It closely links research to consultation. Obtaining new knowledge by uncovering new forms of organizations and practices is understood as a form of consulting intervention.

ISInova is financed by project-funds of clients of public and charitable establishments and organizations, private enterprises as well as membership fees.





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