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    The paper deals with the question of how in a pluralistic and complex society responsibility for design intentions and actions can be assumed if a) the consequences of innovations cannot be fully anticipated in principle and b) the value basis on which these consequences can be assessed as positive or negative consequences cannot be universally defined. Different (political) concepts are discussed to solve the problem of responsibility in the field of tension between plurality of values and contingency of consequences: the concept of social innovation, the concept of "responsible research and innovation", mechanisms of the invisibilisation of responsibility in organisations and the insurability of negative consequences. However, these instruments ultimately cannot solve the limits of dealing with responsibility; the social sciences should also address this fundamental insolubility of the problem of responsibility in modernity in their terminology. These should not be morally charged, since the adoption of political concepts as analytical categories distracts scientific debates from the actual question, the analysis of current problems brought about by an accelerated innovation process.

    The paper can be downloaded as pdf (in German) for free or be ordered for 9,50 € (incl. shipping). PDF-Download

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